Real Estate Closing Services

Streamlining Your Real Estate Transactions in Playa del Carmen & Tulum

At Guardian Real Estate Closing Services, we specialize in managing the complex process of closing real estate transactions, whether you’re buying in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or anywhere in Mexico. With over 18 years of experience in the Mexican real estate market, our team ensures that every aspect of your property sale or purchase is handled with precision and care.

Our Closing Services

Comprehensive Due Diligence & Title Search

Our team conducts an extensive title search during the closing process to ensure that all records related to the property and debts guaranteed by the property have been properly prepared, satisfied, and recorded. A title report is subsequently prepared and issued to outline the resulting findings. In addition, our team performs a rigorous, multi-point inspection of all documents relating to the purchase of your property.

Escrow Services

As your closing services coordinator, we oversee the proper preparation and filing of all paperwork necessary to open the escrow account that will be used to hold the funds for your transaction. We work closely with the escrow agent to ensure the funds are disbursed per the terms and conditions of the escrow agreement.

Document Preparation and Review

Our services include the preparation and negotiation of Offers to Purchase, purchase and sale agreements, option agreements, and escrow agreements. We also provide advice on and resolve due diligence and disclosure issues, conduct title review and clearance, prepare and review closing documents, and coordinate the transaction’s closing.

Seamless Coordination

At Guardian, we offer one-on-one customer service unlike anywhere else in the area. Guardian leverages its modern platform, proprietary processes, and extensive experience to streamline the closing process for clients. As part of our service, we provide software and the team to effectively coordinate with all parties involved and ensure an efficient closing experience for our clients.

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is to make your real estate transaction as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Whether buying your dream home, selling property, or being involved in complex real estate deals in Mexico, Guardian Real Estate Closing Services is here to guide you through the closing process with expertise and dedicated support.